As Adweek reported, on June 25th, Oreo brand (Kraft Foods) surprised its 26,981,473 fans on Facebook with a gay pride cookie supporting the famous San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.

Photo: Oreo’s Facebook Page

The reactions to this post show that not everyone likes surprises. Despite its 230,000 likes and 70,000 shares, the comments are divided into “omg i luv Oreo” and “God will smite thy”. A vast number of people saw this action as inappropriate, some even said they are never going to buy Kraft Foods products again, and unliked the brand page on Facebook. All in all, it builds a positive brand image, supporting their gay consumers and employees alike, and the backlash caused by some of their more religious consumers is a minor thing.

Other companies made an even bolder step, and showed off their pride right at the SF and NYC Gay Pride Parade. Brands such as Facebook, Google, EA and Zynga had stickers, buses, flags and most important, their gay employees parading. Now that’s engagement.

Photos: [Thanks to Jason Agron, Chandler Abraham, and all the other photographers at the parades.]