I’m not a big fan of QR codes, but I am a fan of anything used in a creative and innovative way. Guinness, for instance, succeeded in making QR codes cool. But the next creative QR maker is now Taco Bell, who used QR codes made out of fresh fruit in order to promote their new gourmet-inspired Cantina Bell menu, that features new ingredients such as whole black beans, cilantro rice and Hass avocados. The print ads and how they made these fresh QR codes can be seen below:

Photo: Adweek

The thing that I love about these ads is that the QR codes actually work, and at the same time they open a door that leads to endless possibilities: If you can make a QR code out of avocados, you can make it out of anything!

The QR codes direct you to information about the new menu and to info about Lorena Garcia, who partnered with Taco Bell to make these delicious looking new recipes for the Cantina Bell menu.