In 2011 Chrysler Group started its push into the USA but not everything went according to plan. Their first effort went down the drain with bad commercials featuring Jennifer Lopez, and then a “real ad with Jenny” which was also a disaster. But today, Fiat rolled out a new commercial dubbed “Immigrants” which features all three cars for the USA market (Fiat 500, Fiat 500c, Fiat Abarth).

“So far, the results are not bad,” Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer and head of brand marketing communications for Fiat-Chrysler said. “It is a segment that is kind of challenging.

Connecting the product in the United States to its Italian heritage and putting the 500 in its context are what we need to do,” he said.

Finally they listened to the numerous articles and comments online and suggestions to what they need to do. Seems that they are getting back on track this time, their initial goal in 2011 was to sell 6,000 cars per month, they failed. Now in six months they’ve sold 20,706 cars.

As The NY Times reports, the growing sales for Fiat 500 are being accompanied by growth in favorability for the brand, according to the Customer Loyalty Engagement Index compiled by Brand Keys, a brand and customer-loyalty consulting company in New York. “It showed up last year at No. 20,” said Robert Passikoff, president at Brand Keys, “and it moved up the list to No. 17” this year.

Fiat is making a strong presence in the USA. Now what is needed is a few more Italian-ness commercials as Mr. Francois says, and more consumer engagement and b2b advertising which can mean only one thing – social media campaigns and the brand will see a brighter future.