After a hard day’s work, while your relaxing on your IKEA couch, next to your IKEA coffee table and turn on the TV on your IKEA TV stand, I guess its only appropriate to refresh yourself with an IKEA beer too.

Yup, IKEA rolled out its own beer in the UK called unimaginatively Öl Mörk Lager (dark lager beer), available only in its stores. Although I’m not a fan of beer, I must admit that I do wonder how a furniture company’s beer tastes like, and some have even tried it, despite it’s ‘newness’. According to beer review website Untappd, IKEA’s new beer has been generating positive reviews and received a generous score of 3.46/5 from 11 people, for now.

Photo: Ikea

Although the beer is a pretty logical step after the brands food line, I wonder if such a huge company like IKEA goes step, by step, by step through time – what would become of it? Who knows, maybe we’ll one day be walking through whole IKEA neighborhoods.