Instagram has made a huge impact on the social Web in 2012. Its hybrid integration capabilities with both Facebook and Twitter make it perfect for visual brand engagement. Some major brands have been early to adopt this digital marketing platform, giving them an extension to their social reach and facilitating customer relationships through the use of photography. Here are 10 brands that have made an impact on Instagram.

Starbucks @starbucks  – 664,000+ followers

Starbucks leverages filters and hashtag functionality to connect followers with the products. Artsy product shots, promotions and discounts are all shared exclusively via Instagram.

MTV @mtv –  719,000+ followers

MTV is a content machine. With over 700 thousand followers, the brand utilizes Instagram to drive viewership by showcasing elusive celebrity photos and important announcements.

Burberry @burberry – 406,000+ followers

As described in the bio, “A 156 year-old brand with distinctly British attitude. “, Burberry delivers that feeling in every photo.

CNN @cnnireport – 193,000+ followers

Newsworthy photos are shared from users around the globe. CNN iReport provides a platform for anyone to be a journalist.

Red Bull @redbull – 291,000+ followers

No engagement tactic is left unused on the Red Bull photo stream. The brand is advent at promoting athletes, events and sparking relevant brand conversations with hashtags.

Nike @nike  – 239,000+ followers

Nike keeps a congruent strategy across all social platforms. The bio reads, “If You Have A Body, You’re An Athlete.” With this in mind, the brand posts photos that instill this message in correlation with the products.

Boston Celtics – @Celtics 222,000+ followers

The 17-time world champs bring fans a personal experience with players and behind the scenes.

Playboy @playboy – 110,000+ followers

You’re not following Playboy for the articles. The brand makes a lifelong connection by sharing timeless photos and driving engagement with Q&A.

Gucci @Gucci – 96,000+ followers

Gucci is an iconic fashion brand known the world over. The bio reads, “World class luxury. Italian heritage. Modern style.” This describes their photo stream perfectly.

H&M @hennesandmauritz – 92,000+ followers

The brand is firmly positioned as the price leader for quality fashion. H&M shares photos of new products in a style guide format, driving shoppers to buy online and in physical store locations across the globe.