Recently we talked about print advertising and the AdPrint festival with this years competition theme “Save the print”. This infographic speaks about infomercials or direct response television, you know, the long form commercials where usually celebs talk to you and ensure you that they use exactly this skincare product, and look awesome. Or the average Joe talking about that one tool which saved his business and made him a millionaire over night.

Are these types of commercials a thing of the past? According to this they are not. Why? Check it out.

Infographic: KoopelDirect 

The most important thing why DRTV is not dead is because it leads to sales. It connects various marketing channels, it doesn’t replace them. So when [put your favorite celeb here] points to that website/telephone number on the screen, the clicks/calls just explode and keep coming.

Also, the thing that baffled me is that companies like Apple, Mercedes, Sony use these type of commercials. Never would have guessed, the only type of infomercials I get in my country is reruns of Top Shop ads which are 10 years old.