From concept cars of the future, to crowdsourcing for car design, Volvo is passionate about becoming a more ‘human-oriented’ brand. The Swedish automotive giant wants to connect digital, online and social PR activity with its global marketing strategy and drive innovation through consumers.

To support this new approach Volvo has launched a Facebook application called You Inside. Simply visit Volvo’s Facebook page, upload images of items you have with you in your car, and share some basic information about your car and your lifestyle. Volvo will analyze your objects and your information, and you will receive a personality profile describing what the inside of your car has to say about you. With this new concept Volvo believes that by getting to know the consumer more in depth, better cars can be built.

You can also wander around the app and see what other people keep in their cars (be careful who’s car you peep into, who knows what might be there).

“We are passionate about social media, as it has revolutionized the way we can listen to and have a direct dialogue with our fans. We constantly want to learn more about our customers in order to make better cars – and hopefully this Facebook experiment will inspire new Volvo innovations,” says Jesper Andreasson, Senior Manager Social Media at Volvo Cars. “This Facebook application exemplifies how consumers insights and customer involvement is at the heart of our brand.”


This global study collects info of just about every little thing people keep in their cars, from holy water, toys and iPods to pens and snow shovels. Doubtfully this type of info will be inspirational to the Volvo team, nevertheless it’s a consumer engaging experience, nicely designed and some of the info they collect will be useful for further company development.