As the London Olympic craze is slowly easing down, people are starting to talk about the Rio 2016 Olympics and its logo, as opposed to the creative disaster of this years Olympic symbol. This is a brief look at the past two Olympic games logos, and the two that are yet to bee used, with the focus on Rio 2016. Check the logos from 2008 to 2020, below:

Beijing 2008

London 2012

Rio 2016

Madrid 2020

While the disaster of the London logo is yet to be forgotten, I can’t say that Madrid 2020 is much better with it’s (accidentally?) banal flip-flop styled type, that’s made a bit of a controversy itself. But on the other hand, Beijing 2008 was a pretty neat looking logo, and I see that lots of people are excited about the Rio 2016 logo (although probably because it’s such a relief after London’s). Check out how it was made and what it represents through the designer’s commentary below:

The video above is worth seeing, since the designers talk so sincerely about the whole process. I love all the aspects and factors they were considering, and the fact that they talk like actual designers and human beings – they show that they were somewhat scared, they struggled and they eventually made a good logo that touched them and will hopefully touch other people too. You can see their love towards the whole project, and I think that’s more beautiful then anything else.

What’s your favorite Olympic games logo?