Popchips has released a new campaign that features Katy Perry as the new face of the brand. The ad campaign was made by agency Zambezi and it features pop-culture references, the brand’s better-for-you messaging, and the vibrant personality of Katy Perry herself.

The ads consist of headlines such as “Nothing fake about ’em” with Katy holding two bags of Popschips over her chest, “Bite me” with Katy as a vampire, and “Spare me the guilt chip”, with slogans as “I curl Popchips straight to my lips, good thing they don’t go straight to my hips”, highlighting that you can enjoy Popchips without feeling concerned about your weight.

Katy Perry is not only the new face of the brand – she also became a minor investor in the company last month.

Photo: Popchips

The vibrant Katy Perry Popchips ads will roll out September 1st in North America in magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, People, and Us Weekly.

Founder/Executive Creative Director: Brian Ford
Creative Director: Kevin Buth
Associate Creative Director: Madeleine Grandbois
Photographer: Arthur Belebeau 
popchips CEO: Keith Belling
popchips SVP Marketing: Brian Pope