This modern interpretation of a circus is Smirnoff’s newest effort to support the brand’s mission to discover unique and interesting nightlife. In 2011, the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project launched, and it included about 50 countries that shared their nightlife, combining it in to one-of-a-kind experience on the same night all over the world.

Now the brand wants to “reinvent the nightlife” with “Smirnoff Midnight Circus” a global tour of the freshest, most extraordinary spectacles in nightlife which will be featured in more than 25 cities. To bring the vision to life, Smirnoff is collaborating with David LaChapelle, renowned artist and photographer who will create an interactive art installation to be unveiled at premiere events in Mexico City and Bangkok on September 7 and 15.

The piece will inspire a series of innovative experiences taking place around the world over the next six months.

“I was drawn to the creative possibilities in bringing this project to life, and Smirnoff’s wish for me to not hold back in doing so,” said David LaChapelle. “The installation embodies a modern futurism of today’s nightlife culture with innovative body art and ornamentation. Upon entering it, the viewer experiences a magical world of fantasy.”

The experiences will feature two themes: events driven by an innovative use of light to elevate the nightlife experience, and “Secret Sessions” – incomparable experiences at unexpected venues with unannounced performances by top musical acts.

“We’re launching this global effort to not only provide fans with unexpected experiences, but also encourage them to find inspiration by trying something new,” stated Michelle Klein, Vice President, Smirnoff Global Marketing. “Our collaboration with LaChapelle is bringing that vision to life in a big way.”

 A behind-the-scenes view into the creative process and collaboration with David LaChapelle.

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