Emporio Armani became the first fashion brand to team up with Spotify and create a branded playlist #EmporioArmaniLive of 40 songs by 40 artists. The account was created for tonight’s opening of their Madison Avenue flagship where The Drums, LadyHawk and Skylar Grey will perform live, as well as to hype up New Yorkers for the upcoming Fashion Week. Users of Spotify can subscribe to the Armani account and stream the tracks for free. According to LuxuryDaily, there was a banner ad on the bottom of the Spotify app and a takeover ad that consumers have to actively click out of. By dominating the ads on Spotify and featuring a custom playlist Armani engages their users in new entertaining ways.

“What is most compelling about Armani’s execution and what sets it apart from more conventional uses of Spotify advertising is that after clicking on the banner, the user is led to an Armani microsite that is in part fueled by a Spotify-powered playlist curated by the brand,” Zenith’s Mr. Miraflor said. “It makes for a seamless experience that provides a curated aural soundscape to enjoy while perusing the images and product information on the page. “So instead of being interruptive, the ad experience actually enhances the brand experience,” he said. “It is very, very well executed and I applaud Armani for recognizing consumer behavior on Spotify and capitalizing on the opportunity to leverage it as both an advertising and technology platform.”

This may be the first fashion brand account on Spotify, but other fashion brands have already partnered with them. For example, Levi’s has teamed up with Spotify to create music events in the UK.