While other whiskies obsess about age declarations and/or provenance stories, Johnnie Walker has always been about taste sensations. To represent this, British ad agency LOVE created a global campaign dubbed “Where Flavour is King” focused on its rich and intense flavors. The centerpiece of this multiplarform campaign are these ads done by a creative team featuring the award winning photographer Finlay MacKay, renowned set designer Robin Brown, GQ Style Issue editor and stylist Luke Day, and Michelin star food stylist James Hayward.

Each ad depicts a similar scene with the Striding Man, the brands famous mascot, but with different fruits/color schemes that match the blend of whiskey shown. For example the Red Label shot centers around spices and fresh fruit, whereas the Black Label campaign highlights rich fruits and vanilla, with the distinctive Johnnie Walker smoky finish.

“The new campaign… will open consumers’ eyes to the depth and variety of flavour that exists across the Johnnie Walker whisky taste spectrum,” said Gavin Pike, global brand director for Johnnie Walker. “By creating a unique image for each variant of Johnnie Walker whisky, the consumer will be able to make an instant, tangible association with the power and depth of flavour of each blend. We’re thrilled to be able to Keep Walking in the footsteps of John Walker, dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of flavour and are positive that ‘Where Flavour is King’ will provide even deeper levels of consumer engagement than in previous campaigns.”

This international campaign will feature outdoor, radio and digital channels, including a special Facebook app. Be sure to check out behind the scenes photos and videos, and more at the LOVE agency website as well as more stories about Johnnie Walker at Branding Magazine.