Recently Starbucks celebrated fall with the Pumpkin Spice Latte and joined forces with Square to improve payment experience. Now they are to introduce vending machines across the UK called Starbucks On The Go. Ian Cranna, UK marketing vice-president, told the Daily Mail that they want to have thousands across the UK to give customers the opportunity to get Starbucks coffee wherever they are. Consumers will be able to choose from 280 different drinks from a touchscreen interface. They can play a game on the machine while they wait for their order, which takes less than a minute.


The first vending machines will appear at four Sainsbury stores in the UK next week, followed by petrol stations, and then a countrywide roll-out. It seems as Starbucks is mimicking their rival Costa Coffee as they’ve bought Coffee Nation 18 months ago, which operates 900 coffee machines. All Starbucks’ Tall drinks will cost £2.10 and Grande will be priced at £2.40. Extra shots and syrups will not cost extra, so, in addition to being convenient, and easier to get your Starbucks coffee, it will also be cheaper.

It may be difficult for Starbucks to convince their consumers that the coffee made in these vending machines has the freshness and quality of the one served in store. UK managing director, Kris Engskov said:

“This is part of our wider strategy to have the best quality coffee available to our customers in all those places where customers want and expect to see us. We already serve over two million customers every week in our stores, and by increasing the places where consumers can buy Starbucks coffee means that we will tap into the huge opportunity around convenience and coffee away from home giving our customers the great quality coffee they know and love, wherever they may be.”

Also Starbucks noted that the machines will offer 100% Fairtrade Espresso coffee beans which are ground freshly for each drink. I love Starbucks for the in store experience that they have. The smell, the architecture of different stores, the lovely staff – it’s all what makes Starbucks, well, Starbucks. These vending machines will be convenient, but I guess the experience won’t be the same when you wait in line on the street for your cup of favorite coffee.

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