Built around the concept of Las Vegas Cosmopolitan hotel “Just the right amount of wrong” campaign, artist Candy Chang made an installation in the hotel this summer called “Confessions”, where visitors could anonymously write down their confessions on wooden plaques in the privacy of confession booths. Chang would then hang the anonymous plaques on the gallery walls and paint select responses on large canvases.

The hotel’s public art project had a pretty nice response – by the end of the exhibit, over 1500 confessions were displayed on the walls. Over half of them were about sex, love, or fears of dying alone.

Photo: Candychang.com

I am a fan of the “Just the right amount of wrong” campaign (see the first campaign from 2010 below) since I think the tagline really couldn’t be more fitting for a Las Vegas hotel. This installation nicely blended in with the whole concept and further promoted the hotel’s brand, where everybody could literally share their very own right amount of wrong – even though I think that the fun ‘wrong’ from the hotel campaign and the ‘wrong’ from the confession booths are two very different ‘wrongs’. The confessions are really heartbraking in the end, if you think about it, but they are also a reminder of the fact that we’re all ‘lost’ in one way or the other, and therefore not alone.

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