After many successful campaigns and innovative projects, including the Ideas Brewery and Bottle of the Future, Heineken goes a step further by launching the newly designed Star Bottle in the U.S.. Since 1946 when it was first introduced, the iconic green bottle went through a number of revisions, but this time Heineken decided to give it a more modern look by making it 1.25 inches taller and also thinner, while featuring ingenious solutions such as an embossed thumb groove which improves grip, encouraging people to hold the bottle at a lower point thus keeping the beer colder.

“The Heineken bottle has gone through a number of progressions but has always maintained its core iconography that has become a symbol of upscale premium beer, and this philosophy will remain the same with the new Star Bottle design,” said Colin Westcott-Pitt, VP of Marketing at Heineken.

The Star Bottle, available in 12 oz. and 22 oz. sizes, will be available in New York State markets starting from mid-September, with country-wide availability expected in March 2013. Recently, Heineken partnered with the James Bond franchise to promote the upcoming 007 action flick “Skyfall” through TV advertising and a digital campaign.