Eurobrand, the European independent firm for brand, patent & IP valuation & strategy, has examined more than 3.000 brand corporations and their brands spanning over 16 industries. Unsurprisingly, Apple topped the list with an incredible brand value of 100.239 billion euros and a staggering increase of over 43.9% in just one year. The second place took our favorite soft drink brand Coca-Cola with a nearly 9% increase over the last year, followed by Microsoft with 5.1%. The next brands in line, IBM and Google have switched places when compared to previous year, with IBM getting a nice boost of 13.8% brand value. The biggest decrease in brand value Eurobrand has attributed to HP, a nearly 30% loss (28.3) and down ranked it from 24th to 44th place. Check out the Top 20 brands below:

Images: Eurobrand

With the recent unveiling of the iPhone 5 as well as the new iPad announcement earlier this year and with rumors of a mini iPad, Apple constantly seeks to reinvent itself – add the strong brand loyalty to the mix, and you have the world’s most valuable brand.

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