After the big redesign at the end of last year, as well as dropping out the word Twitter in its new logo, the social network giant has updated the site’s functionality with smart design solutions, giving greater importance to profile pages, as well as rolling out a new iPad app which enables users a better interactive experience.

The new features are the ability to upload a header on your profile page, a radical improvement which will be warmly welcomed by a big number of brands. In addition, the photo stream is now wider and bigger, so the photos are more noticeable and engaging. From its mobile apps, Twitter dropped the ability to post images to third-party services, a move seen as a grip for control by some.

To help promote the new profiles, anchors from NBC were among the first ones to showcase new Twitter headers: “Get started by taking a look at the first new profiles from the @TODAYshow, TODAY anchors like @MLauer, @SavannahGuthrie and @AlRoker, this morning’s TODAY guest anchor @RyanSeacrest and NBC news accounts like @BreakingNews. Then choose a photo to express a new side of yourself on Twitter,” says Sachin Agarwal, Twitter’s Product Manager on Twitter’s blog page.

By rolling out new design features, Twitter expands the possibilities of business and brands which connect with their fans on a daily basis, making the profile page play an even bigger role in a brand’s online presence. It might seem that making the pictures bigger is the proper way to go, when in fact it’s all about the perfect balance in web design, and Twitter is on the right way to become something more than a 140 character social networking website.