The 2012 Paris Moto Show is home to many innovations and news from the world’s top automakers, but there is one that interests us the most. Yesterday, SEAT has introduced its new SEAT Leon, and along came a presentation of the new identity and corporate designs of the brand, including a new logo that is featured on the new Leon.

As with all brand redesigns, SEAT wants to make its identity cleaner, more modern, and provide a sense of quality engineering. Their goal is also to openly symbolize the six values of the company- design, dynamism, young spirit, efficiency, reliability and accessibility. Below you can see the old SEAT logo on the left, and the new one on the right.

SEAT logos from 1950 to 2012

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, SEAT’s head of Design said “SEAT’s new logo design reflects perfectly our love for detail and quality. While keeping the identity of our traditional “S”, this time we have reduced the number of lines, they are now more 3D and the overall perimeter is now more square, more geometric. The whole gives our new logo a more modern, precise and sculpted look.”

SEAT took inspiration from Barcelona’s Avenida Diagonal (one of Barcelona’s broadest and most important avenues that cuts the city in two, diagonally from west to east), implemented their quality engineering through the 3D shape, and their Spanish charisma with the red color. In general the logo has a much cleaner, modern feel to it, and suits the new car design much better.

The new logo on the new SEAT Leon

At the last annual Geneva Motorshow SEAT introduced its new company slogan ENJOYNEERING. SEAT President James Muir describes it not only a slogan, but a vision, and a powerful tool to change the whole company. The initial redesign process started in 2010, and was meticulously worked on and perfected until its reveal in Paris. In my honest opinion it looks much better than the recent Ebay and Microsoft redesigns.