On Sunday 7th October, Baileys, the Original Irish Cream, will unveil its most ambitious global marketing campaign to date with a TV and print campaign, featuring a new tagline – “Cream With Spirit”.

Launched in 1971, Baileys has always been a brand with strong female connections. The new ‘Cream With Spirit’ campaign, created by BBH, is designed to shine a light on women and celebrate the spirit of modern womanhood. It recognizes that women can be strong and feminine, beautiful and witty.

Garbhan O’Bric, Global Brand Director for Baileys said:

“With this brand re-launch Baileys faces an exciting future as we re-capture the true essence of the brand. We’ve always been at our best and truest to ourselves when we’ve celebrated the brilliance and magnificence of women and with this new campaign we are reaffirming that timeless truth, but are doing it with a modern twist.”

Photo: Baileys

Rosie Arnold, Deputy Executive Creative Director at BBH said:

“With ‘Cream With Spirit’, we’re celebrating the spirit of modern womanhood. I hope modern women enjoy the campaign as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.”

The print campaign will be accompanied with a 60-second 1930s styled commercial, airing on Sunday evening in the UK.

The whole campaign is centered around women – Baileys is and always will be a woman’s drink after all. But I can’t help but be slightly offended by what the campaign’s message actually is. There’s something about it that just doesn’t feel quite right.

Seeing the two of the total four print ads above, I think that what bothers me is – with the risk of sounding like a dedicated feminist, which I really am not – that it feels like the campaign is actually making a bigger point degrading woman instead of celebrating them. If woman in today’s (still mainly men’s) world actually are witty, beautiful and strong, Baileys telling them to be the same is pointlessly contradictory. In other words, the campaign tells us very clearly that woman are everything but what Bailey’s celebrates them for, by telling them what they supposedly should be. For example, in the second photo from above, the ad basically says that women don’t have a mind.

Therefore, this is not a celebration of women, is it? It’s more of a retrospect of what societies ‘perfect woman’ should be, and – here comes the interesting part – what a woman might become when drinking the product itself.

All in all, if I drink Baileys I’ll have class and a mind of my own (Whoa! Thank you Baileys!). Any thoughts about this? Feel free to comment!