Fast-food chain Wendy’s revealed a new and refreshed logo last Thursday.

“In undertaking the redesign, the company realized there were three key elements that had to be preserved; the image of the little girl, the color red and the way the “Wendy’s” font swerves up — what executives call ‘the wave’.”

Photo: Wendy’s

The refreshed logo will be part of the new restaurant design that Wendy’s is looking to expand to roughly 6,000 locations in North America.  The goal is to make Wendy’s more of a “top-end” fast-food chain.

Associated Press reports that CEO Emil Brolick wants the company to be seen as a fast-food chain with better quality than McDonald’s, but perhaps not at the same level as Panera: “Our goal is to be a five-star restaurant at a three-star price,” he said. In addition to raising perceptions about its food, Brolick is focusing on renovating outdated restaurants with a look that features natural lighting, flatscreen TVs and a variety of seating options, including cushy chairs in nooks.

Starting in March, the new Wendy’s logo will start appearing on newly built and renovated restaurants.

This year has surely been interesting when it comes to famous logo redesigns. Where do you stand when it comes to Wendy’s newly executed retouch?