Upscale, high class, epicurean – however you label the character of the new campaign for the Lexus LS, it’s quite clear who the target audience is. The two market spots launched yesterday, “Flashbulbs” and “Paddle Shifters”, in title alone are meant to  portray the stylish, exclusive lifestyle of the Lexus LS driver.

“We’ve given the Lexus flagship a whole new look inside and out, but its uncompromising commitment to world-class luxury remains the same,” said Brian Smith, Lexus vice president of marketing. “We have created a launch campaign that, like the 2013 LS, demands to be seen.”

Being in tune with the contemporary trend in marketing, these commercials focus on the potential users of their product and what they are like, and less on the actual attributes of the car. What might strike the critical eye as somewhat bland is the fact that this connection is made so obvious that it’s practically unauthentic (although it goes nowhere near the Brad Pitt/Channel fiasco).

The combination of shots practically spell out ‘if you like going to jazz concerts and own a yacht, this is the car for you’. Not such a classy move for a campaign that’s trying to sell precisely that- class.