Oh damn, after watching this commercial I have to drink scotch.

Bacardi-owned Dewar’s created an ad and some prints featuring English actress Claire Forlani and her dominant Scottish accent with a rather threatening motto “Are you ready to take life seriously?“. Nothing scary in that you say? Watch the ad, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Yeah, yeah, the ad lacks the responsible drinking, humor side that their competitors have, but, seriously (read in her accent) who cares? This is the drinking man’s scotch, not some party popping, mix it up with a red bull type.

Anyway that’s the vibe they set out with this ad. The prints have the same character, bad ass Claire in a luxury environment.

I like it – for the non-standard woman ambassador for a man’s drink part, but the print featuring only the bottle got its ass kicked by Johnnie Walker’s “Where Flavour Is King” campaign. Oh, and talking about non-standard stuff, how about a really unique product launch.