Spanish diva Penelope Cruz is immortalized in 12 stunning red dresses that she flaunts while posing for Campari’s newest calendar. Known for their artistic value, the Campari Calendars have so far featured 14 leading ladies in various themes, including Milla Jovovich and Jessica Alba. In this year’s theme, Mrs. Cruz aims to break superstitions, walking under ladders and opening up all her red umbrellas indoors.

It can’t be denied that the Oscar winning actress looks daunting in all of her photos, taken by renowned fashion photographer Kristian Schuller. All of the pieces, even though without any high tech effects, have a specific mystical quality that makes them particularly amusing. To get your hands on one of these calendars, you have to be a Campari fan since the brand’s not selling them, but rather giving their 9,999 limited edition copies to a happy ten thousand (minus one) friends of the brand. I’d hate to be that one unlucky fan.

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