There’s no better way to get free advertisement than when an artist decides to turn your product into a an artistic medium, which is exactly what happens with the cups of coffee Japanese artist Tomoko Shintani uses to doodle on. The wonderful works of art start off on paper, then continue up onto the cup, creating a multimedia work that is not only great as a drawing, but utilizes and interacts with the spatial character of the object – in this case, the Starbucks cup.


But why use a Starbucks cup, exactly?

“There was no particular reason or idea. I just drew on a cup because it was ‘paper,'” Shintani says.

The artist later posts her drawings on Instagram which you can view here. Great work. Wonderful talent. A great example of the way boundaries between art and adverting are blurring, sometimes without the corporate initiative, which perhaps makes it even more appealing.