Not many people know that the corporate giant known as Coca-Cola isn’t solely interested in spreading happiness via soft drinks and photo sharing media. Besides being the designers of Santa Claus, Coke can now also boast of their own fashion line, which has been gracing  the catwalks of Rio these past couple of years. The brand along with it’s fashion designer, Trais Rossiter debuted in 2008 and didn’t get great responses from critics, but they seem to be doing better with the Fall/Winter 2013 collection of this year.

Describing the featured colorful flower print sweatpants, glittery jerseys and down filled neon shorts as eccentric would be an understatement. The brand may be highly commercial but their fashion products most certainly are not. Even though its still unclear whether the line will be available to the public, I’m wondering who the main target group for these futuristic looking cloths would be. The question is whether potential buyers would see owning an undeniably lavish Sean Jean piece differently from owning a haute couture Coke suit.

Photos: DesignTaxi

Not that the cloths are bad. Quite the opposite – it’s quite  clear that a lot of time, energy and good taste were put into creating the line. Still, can the image of the sugar filled fizzy drink be overcome when one judges upon the cloths? Can the product be separated from everything the brand stands for in the public mind, which includes capitalist consumerism in its arguably strongest form? These are associations the high-end fashion world doesn’t fuse with lightly. As one Facebook comment stated: “I actually think some of the pieces are quite credible if you forget it’s from a drinks brand.”