Carried with a previous success and fully confident, the United States Olympic Team will march on the next Winter Games 2014 at Sochi, Russia, marked with a new, redesigned logo. With an American flag as the heart of the new logo, and the Olympic Rings in the specific IOC colors, it will be primarily used for the purpose of sponsor initiatives, marketing and fundraising.

This process of rebranding was initiated in April, two years ago, with tendency to improve the position of the U.S. Olympic Committee brand. From the standpoint of Lisa Baird, their Chief Marketing Officer, apparently, it had some success: “Since the launch of our revamped brand platform, we’ve seen continued growth and loyalty to the USOC brand.” Also, she added that this redesign of their five-ring logo continues to build their framework for a consistent look and feel for all USOC assets as well as their desire to work collaboratively with the IOC.

A survey, which was conduced this summer, showed that consumers perceive all U.S. Olympic marks as oneness of patriotism, inspiration, leadership and dedication.

Apparel of all members of the U.S. Olympic Committee will be supplemented with the U.S. Olympic and the U.S. Paralympic Team marks when it comes to their podium wear, Opening and Closing Ceremony outfit, and uniforms for the field of play, while a Team USA mark will be used as a secondary.

There will be those who are going to celebrate the new mark, and those who will curse it. Some will kiss it, others will rip it. And all that due to the fact that it’s not just a mark – it’s a spot of hopes and dreams of millions.

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