Coca-Cola is one of the worlds most recognized brands. Their design, advertising and branding in general speak for themselves, and have won them many awards during the years. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity gave Coca-Cola more than 100 Lions over the years, and their first award back in 1967. Their newest is the Cannes Lions 2013 Creative Marketer of the Year Award. “Creativity has been and always will be at the heart of our brands. It fuels our business – with consumers, customers, fans, agencies and partners all over the world,” says Joseph Tripodi, Executive VP, CMO and CCO of The Coca-Cola Company.

The brand is heavily focused on design since their early beginnings in in 1916 when they introduced their famous contour bottle, and although their design is retro, and their logo hasn’t change for years, they adapt their marketing as innovations come by, and keep a consistent level of quality and quantity. The brands shines on all platform and mediums that you can think of, and with constant updates and fan engagement they keep their brand’s life at a constant peak.

Here is a selection of top Coca-Cola marketing articles that received the Cannes Lion award and have been featured on Branding Magazine.

“Move To The Beat”, Coca Cola 2012 Olympic Games Campaign

As we all know, the start of the 2012 Olympic Games is approaching, and as we could have expected, Coca Cola has prepared some really interesting content. Therefore, teens are encouraged to participate in the creative process behind and to give their contribution to Coca-Cola Move to the Beat, a global teen focused campaignRead Full Story

 Coke: Chok! Chok! Chok!

Coca-Cola integrated TV and mobile into a new and interactive sensation where the mobile serves as a remote once the Coca-Cola ad appears on the TV… Read Full Story

Coca-Cola Gives Us a Little Bit of….

Even though they are set around the the world for a different reason, security cameras have been used in Coca-Cola’s new ad to show some good deeds people are capable of, that often go unnoticed… Read Full Story

Storytelling or Advertorial? The New Coca-Cola Corporate Website

Like many fans of content marketing, I was intrigued by the well-promoted transformation of Coke’s new corporate website into what was promised as “a credible source” of information, more consumer magazine than corporate mouthpiece… Read Full Story

Coca-Cola: Let The Christmas Countdown Begin!

I mean, somebody had to do it. I saw a few Christmas commercials two weeks ago and I think that kills the whole atmosphere because by the time Christmas is actually here, we will be tired of it. However, I approve Coke’s countdown… Read Full Story

Coca-Cola’s ‘Polar Bowl’

Combine a lovable mascot, social media, interaction, the Super Bowl and real-time and you’ll get what Coke got – fantastic marketing that includes everything it should… Read Full Story

 Coca-Cola Happiness Table: The…

From big things, I mean, HUGE things, to the small ones, Coca-Cola has found the right formula to spread happiness. This time they move to Italy, Naples to be precise, where an ordinary delivery truck transforms into a happiness table in a small square… Read Full Story

You can see Coke’s best work on their dedicated website for the Cannes awards. You can also check out the whole section and selection of Coca-Cola articles on Branding Magazine!