Although Gangnam Style becoming the most viewed YouTube video of all time is a clear indicator that there’s something terribly wrong with this world, brands found a way to get a “taste” of it’s success. Through social media, companies like Red Bull, Abercombie Kids, Vodafone Zoozoos and M&M’s managed to engage their fans by interpreting the South Korean’s entertainer Psy, his styling, dance moves, and finally the song. Yet, of all the brands, Intel created the biggest buzz by sharing a photo of an “Intel man” doing the now legendary dance in a horse stable on their page, generating more than 40.000 shares, 500.000 likes and 13.000 comments, according to Unmetric (a social media analysis company).

Jennifer Lashua, global social media strategist at Intel, praised the take they’ve had on Gangnam Style:

“I think it worked for us, specifically, because we integrated our brand into the visual in a way that made our fans feel like they were participating in the experience… I think it comes down to some of the basics of social content — it’s highly entertaining, it’s a bit aspirational, it’s sharable and easily consumed.”

Take a look at an infographic Unmetric created for the Shorty Awards – a yearly contest for the best social media agencies and brands that have pulled of successful social media campaigns and stunts:

Photos: / Unmetric

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