Adidas has partnered with Champs Sports to promote the classic-style line branded Adicolor with an interactive game. The game is designed with a retro 90s influence. Atlanta-based rapper 2 Chainz is the protagonist of the game.

“At the introduction of the game 2 Chainz is playing basketball when his chains mysteriously get stolen off his neck. Aliens? Jealous rappers? It’s not apparent who swiped the gold, but the game then begins. “ –

The Adidas brand has been a pioneer in positioning its products with Gen Y hip-hop culture. Ever since the days of Beastie Boys and Run DMC, Adidas apparel and footwear have appeared organically to the youth of America. 2 Chainz is the new face for Adicolor with distribution through Champs Sports. He first appeared in a Web spot for the line and is also involved in promotional events.

The interactive game creates a unique brand experience for social influencers and potential customers on Facebook. This type of content is very popular with Gen Y and can go viral quickly with social sharing functions. The game was featured on the Champs Sports brand page. In addition, multiple lifestyle bloggers featured the content. This integrated campaign combined social media with a well-executed interactive piece to create a big win for the brand.

Play the game here(You have a full-screen mode at the games windows bottom right corner):