Besides love, caring and gift giving, there is that other part of the holidays of kicking back and having a few shots of schnapps, a glass of wine or some good ol’ beer. So when you do get in the zone, there is always that friend that doesn’t drink and is the designated driver. Coca-Cola cares about them (or feels sorry for them, interpret as you wish) for the fifth year in a row, and is rewarding them with free beverages.

Jon Woods, General Manager, Coca‑Cola Great Britain and Ireland said “Designated Drivers provide an amazing service to friends and family. They allow people to have a good night and also help keep roads safe, so everyone can enjoy the Christmas period…”

The campaign was launched in Great Britain yesterday, and is featured in 8,000 pubs nationwide. All you need to do is find a pub using Coke’s pub finder app, order your Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero at New Years Eve, get the odd eye from the bartender, and then say you are the designated driver so you receive the next Coke for free.

Coke has given away 1 million drinks last year, and has full support from the Department for Transport’s Driver Friendly campaign, THINK! Road Safety Initiative. A nice way to show that they know, care for and appreciate all the folks who stay sober and take care of their friends’ safe return home in this jolly time of year.