Oreo Cookies in Antarctica

With their latest engagement which also represents a full stop to a year long celebration of a whole century of existence, Oreo managed to melt a piece of Antarctica with its sweetness. In an attempt to win the last shred of a land that is not infected by this treat, Oreo Man, the brand mascot delivered 5,000 cookies to the scientists living at Palmer Station in the Antarctic Peninsula.

“Having the chance to enjoy an Oreo cookie and glass of milk is like having a little piece of home here at the station”, said Dr James McClintock, professor of polar and marine biology at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, who has conducted research in Antarctica for 30 years.

As a way of support, aiming to contribute somehow, Oreo has also donated a solar-powered Penguin Cam to the team, which will allow children to watch the penguins in their natural habitat.

When it comes to this tasty sandwich cookie, these hundred years have spawned two types of a people – those who like to dip them in a milk, and those who prefer to separate the two halves and eat the cream first. Now, people from all over the world, literally, will have a chance to pick a side. That’s how good this cookie is.