From Gangnam style and other trendy videos to moments like when Felix Baumgartner set the skydiving world record are all present in YouTube’s Rewind of 2012.  For those of you that do not know, at the end of every year YouTube creates a list called YouTube Rewind where they show the top trending global videos, trending videos in particular countries as well as in different categories such as sports and fashion. Each year millions of users engage in creating, commenting and sharing content that range from music videos to non-profit campaigns and politics and this rewind is YouTube’s way of saying Thank You.

Check out the official rewind video of 2012 entitled Rewind YouTube Style 2012.

What I love in this video is the collaboration of different artists and YouTube users, that creates a sense of a community that’s having fun and enjoying themselves. Which is what we should be doing on YouTube. Makes me forget all the flamers, spammers and haters on YouTube for a short while, and that’s nice. Also, Michael Phelps and the LMFAO dancing zebra are absolutely hilarious!