When it comes to brand campaigns, 2012 was a year where the focus shifted a lot more to the digital world, where numerous campaigns have had their online extensions and where brands managed to make the promotional push more noticeable through social media. Here is a selection of this year’s most remarkable campaigns as chosen by our editorial team.

“Move To The Beat”, Coca Cola 2012 Olympic Games Campaign

As we all know, the start of the 2012 Olympic Games is approaching, and as we could have expected, Coca-Cola has prepared some really interesting content… Read Full Story

Benetton’s “Unemployee of the Year” Campaign

After sparking controversy with the UNHATE campaign in November last year, Benetton, through the UNHATE Foundation, launched a new global communication campaign to support unemployed youth… Read Full Story

Bacardi’s Partylicious 150th Anniversary


Bacardi Limited, the world’s largest privately-owned spirits company, declared today 2012 will be its most innovative year since the creation of Bacardi rum in 1862… Read Full Story

“Live for Now” – Pepsi Campaign


Pepsi just unveiled its first global campaign that was created as a result of Pepsi’s new global positioning as well as its extensive global research that indicates that Pepsi fans like to capture the excitement of now and live to the fullest… Read Full Story

Begin ‘A New Era of Computing’ – Intel’s Largest Campaign Since 2003


Apart from their marketing campaign for Intel Centrino in 2003, the brand was lacking a “real” one for almost a decade… Read Full Story

Heineken Celebrates 140th Anniversary With a New Bottle Design Challenge


After numerous creative and engaging projects that have made Heineken really stand out from other beer brands this year, the company finishes 2012 with a special celebration of its rich history… Read Full Story

Virgin Mobile Wants to Make Brad Pitt’s Brother Famous


Having a famous brother can sometimes be an advantage, but it is not necessarily the case…. Read Full Story

Nissan Introduces “WHAT IF_” Global Campaign


Nissan launched a brand new global brand campaign called “WHAT_IF”, mainly focused on international airports and online features… Read Full Story

Brad Pitt & Chanel No. 5 Campaign

The commercial for Chanel No. 5 that we announced earlier has been released, starring no other than Brad Pitt as the first male representative of the brand… Read Full Story


Red Bull Stratos: Breaking Four Records


We all know that Red Bull supports and finances the world’s most dangerous and extreme ventures, but this is by far the biggest, most demanding and for sure the most wing-giving experiment… Read Full Story