Wow, adverts today are just getting better and better, becoming a source of entertainment viewed online and shared across social media channels. The Virgin Atlantic Airline is a good example of such and has just launched a new campaign and overall global brand positioning called “Flying in the face of ordinary”.

Emphasizing on the Virgin Atlantic staff and unique in-flight experience, this campaign includes a TV commercial and inbound marketing content presented on the airline website, consisting of personal stories and video footage.

Created by the RKCR/Y&R advertising agency in the UK, the TV commercial presents the airline from its employees’ perspective, describing them as not only efficient and friendly, but genetically gifted too, as if superheroes in disguise. Through their individual stories, an almost magical feel is portrayed reminding viewers how special the flying experience is, naturally connecting between it and the Virgin Atlantic airline.

Virgin Atlantic Marketing Director, Simon Lloyd states:

“We wanted to capture the essence of Virgin Atlantic with this new campaign and bring the glamour and fun back into long-haul travel. “Flying in the Face of Ordinary” is more than a marketing campaign; it is a powerful brand proposition and long term platform that will be reflected in all areas of the business from communications and marketing to product and service.”

From the pilot and flight attendant to airplane seat designer and baggage handler, the “Flying in the face of ordinary” campaign is based on and inspired by real-life Virgin Atlantic employees, as described in the clip below: