2012 has pushed the boundaries of regular TV advertising. The majority of spots and commercials have had a digital continuation of the campaign which they were associated with, combining more media platforms at once which, in most cases, resulted in a fun and engaging experience for the viewer. The start of the year was marked by Super Bowl teasers, spots and commercials, while in the second half of 2012 brands’ attention was directed more towards the Olympic Games in London. It was a tough choice, but we managed to trim down the list to Top 20 commercials that really stood out and are worth watching. Enjoy!

Volkswagen: Welcome to The BarkSide


As the Volkswagen chorus of canines barks out the famous Imperial March from the Star Wars series, I find it extremely funny, and now want to buy a VW more than ever… Read Full Story

Coca-Cola Zero: Taste The Possibilities


Coca-Cola Zero, a low-calorie (0.75 calories per liter) variation of Coca-Cola specifically marketed to males, who were shown to associate ‘diet’ drinks with women, continues in the same manner by introducing its new campaign in Great Britain… Read Full Story

L’Odyssée De Cartier


Celebrating its rich history, the luxury brand Cartier has put all of its efforts to amaze us with its latest short film entitled L’Odyssée de CartierRead Full Story

HTC One X Free Fall Fashion Shoot


Have you ever imagined that fashion and skydiving can be combined in order for a great challenge to be achieved?… Read Full Story

Guinness Celebrates Arthur’s Day, Paints a Town in Black


In order to celebrate Arthur’s Day, a series of music events in honor of the famous Irish brewer Arthur Guinness, the brand that keeps his spirit alive has unveiled a new ad entitled “Paint The Town Black”Read Full Story

Martin Scorsese Loves Siri, Siri Loves Being Serious


In yet another potentially impossible, celebrity endorsed TV spot, TBWA\Media Arts Lab and Apple pulled out the big guns on this one – the new Siri ad features Martin Scorsese, the legendary Hollywood director… Read Full Story

Coca-Cola Security Cameras Ad


Even though they are set around the the world for a different reason, security cameras have been used in Coca-Cola’s new ad to show some good deeds people are capable of, that often go unnoticed… Read Full Story

AXE: Unleash The Chaos


The cosmetics brand AXE is pretty much busy these days with its latest campaign Unleash the Chaos”Read Full Story

McDonald’s Responsive Olympic Games Campaign Updated


At the end of July, McDonald’s UK announced a multi-million pound responsive campaign whose purpose was to celebrate the Olympic/Paralympic Games, the athletes, fans, and all the people involved in the organization of this event… Read Full Story

Diesel’s Original Take on Fashion Ads: Dogs


Diesel obviously understands that we’re all fed up with the unoriginal take on fashion ads: the beautiful models in dramatic shots, dense lighting and slow motion… Read Full Story

Cadbury is Taking You to Joyville


In collaboration with the agency Fallon London, Cadbury has made a new, funny as always campaign worth £6 million in order to promote the new Dairy Milk Bubbly by introducing Joyville, an imaginary land where chocolate is made… Read Full Story

Environmentally Sexy New Fiat 500e


After series of successful vehicles, Italian car manufacturers, Fiat, presented another model on this year’s L.A. Auto Show, the new version of their famous hatchback makes a difference because it’s electric… Read Full Story

Find Your Greatness with Nike


While all attention is directed to stars of Olympic Games 2012, Nike is celebrating the greatness of ordinary, everyday athletes… Read Full Story

Callaway Changes Perception of Golf


You are probably thinking that golf is quite boring and reserved only for rich lawyers, bank officers and such. Well… you are probably right for the later… Read Full Story

Old Spice’s Daily Dose of Championism


Old Spice, together with Wieden+Kennedy, decided for something different than the usual “the man your man could smell like“ approach in this fresh and hilarious campaign for a new line of products dubbed “The Champion line”Read Full Story

Audi Ad Featuring Moby Dick


Audi America has released their latest version of a brand new campaign for their Quattro AWD system… Read Full Story

David Beckham Performs “Ode to Joy”


Olympic Games are closing in fast, and Samsung, official sponsor of the Games decided to give its new product – Galaxy Note – some last minute advertising… Read Full Story

British Airways’ Luggage Race


If you’ve ever wondered what happens with your baggage at airports, you’re about to find out now… Read Full Story

Range Rover Sport: Positively Charged


A new campaign for Range Rover Sport has rolled out. It consists of print advertisements and a beautiful, epic spot that shows us that the new SUV has been made as a result of a high energy explosion of a big Hadron Collider… Read Full Story

Sprite Invites You to Stand Out


Sprite launched a new global global campaign called “Camo”, inviting people to express themselves… Read Full Story

As a special bonus, we’ve also added this year’s Super Bowl ad roundup, just in case you’ve missed some of the best spots and commercials:

2012 Super Bowl Brand Ads Roundup


With just one left day before the big game, Branding Magazine has decided to do a roundup all the TV commercials that have aired or will air during this year’s Super Bowl… Read Full Story