It has been officially announced by Skoda that the Skoda Fabia and Fabia Roomster models will bear the new logo as well as the new lettering on the rear of the hatch, much like the ones found currently on the Citigo and European Rapid models. The integrated Skoda lettering was done away with, as well as the grass green colouring, leaving the feathered arrow sign refreshed and dominant.

The rebranding is meant to emphasize and represent the new phase of development Skoda entered two years ago in hopes of raising global sales to at least 1.5 million per year.

We are keen to express the new power of our brand not only through our future products, but also in the way we present ourselves to partners and customers”

commented Jürgen Stackmann, the Board Member responsible for marketing and sales. Recently, Skoda has relaunched the Skoda Museum which celebrates the brand’s rich history.