10 years ago, no one had ever heard of Justin Bieber, Mark Zuckerberg just entered Harvard, iPhones were five years away and hashtags didn’t exist”

This is what Tom Claderon, VH1’s President commented on the new redesign. He also added: “Our world has clearly changed, so we want to reflect those cultural and technological changes in each of the many ways that consumers now touch the VH1 brand.”

This was one of the explanations of rebranding MTV’s sister channel – VH1. Originally a music video network, but now a reality network with a few music videos in between, Vh1 has undergone a bold redesign, now emphasizing on a + sign which represents the brand’s “high-energy sensibility where everything is ‘more’ — more fun, more bold, and more exciting,” making it a “Ultimate Mash-Up” (music + pop culture + nostalgia), something that it has, reportedly, always been.

Images: VH1 / Mashable

Seeing as how stripping logos down to their accepted minimum while trying to retain the key symbolism seems to be today’s trend, VH1’s new logo isn’t one to shock or amaze. The services that the brand offers changes in tune with the trends, so does the logo. Does that not seem to go against the idea of the non-commercial aspect, alternative edge that the network used to stand for? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just nostalgic for the good old days when I could hear music on music networks instead of middle aged wives with heavy makeup spewing profanities, but hey, they’ve incorporated the word nostalgia into their “Ultimate Mash-Up” motto so I guess that makes up for it.

Back to the visuals.

It’s been a long and tiresome adventure for the VH1 logo. With 5 redesigns in a little under 20 years, the question of whether this might be the happy ending of a journey of self discovery is still up for debate. He we seen the last of the evils that threaten to drop ratings and cause negative reviews? Has our hero finally found the identity he truly stands for in this crazy and uncertain age of legal dramas and TV on-demand? It might be tempting to say yes, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Who knows what new perils await our purple protagonist beyond Bieber Fever and the ongoing global trend for voyeuristic broadcasting known as reality television.

The logo’s  evolutionary route can be viewed below:

Image: Wikipedia