To finally conclude 2012 in a special recap, we have selected some of the best articles which have been featured on Branding Magazine and which our readers found helpful and interesting. Enjoy!

The Principles of Gamification


Gamification. We all know immediately upon reading the word that there’s something inside that hasn’t been figured out. It’s too broadly applied and holds very little real meaning… Read Full Story 

What Do Women See In Packaging


What do women want to see, feel and understand about brand packaging?  For centuries women have responded to romance, flowers and chocolate.  Why, because women respond when their emotions are activated… Read Full Story

2013: The Year Branding Marries Content?


Content marketing has been around for over 100 years, ever since The John Deere company introduced The Furrow, a custom-published magazine designed to help farmers (and John Deere) be more successful… Read Full Story

The Most Powerful Brands in Social Media


Market Strategies International conducted a research of 146 leading brands success in social media in 2011. The measurements include both consumer-generated social media and the brands’ sponsored content with an accent on the second one… Read Full Story

6 Ways to Screw Up a Brand


There’s a lot of information out there about how to build a great brand. And by ‘a lot,’ I mean, as my mother would say, a shisselful… Read Full Story

10 Killer Brands on Instagram


Instagram has made a huge impact on the social Web in 2012. Its hybrid integration capabilities with both Facebook and Twitter make it perfect for visual brand engagement… Read Full Story

Lucky Thirteen: Trends for 2013


The New Year, 2013, approaches. And as everyone knows, the number 13 holds great symbolism. For the religious among us there were the 13 guests at the Last Supper and the 13 tribes of Israel… Read Full Story

Why are Brand Colors so Important?


When it comes to branding, the main backbone of a strong and easily recognizable identity is expressing the right colors through a ingenious graphic design… Read Full Story

Do Infographics Have the Potential to be Used on Product Packaging?


With the current rise of the infographic trend, it doesn’t seem to surprise me to see infographics applied in a specific way, like in this package design for InFusion tea made by Alejandro Grima as a student project… Read Full Story

Why Brand Managers Need to Pay Close Attention to a Logo


I am not a designer nor do I play one on TV. However, I have done my fair share of branding and have worked with many a designer and art director on logo design and creation… Read Full Story