Coke causes fat. Its not like it’s a big secret or anything, with more than 11% being pure sugar it’s kind of like drinking wine, only instead of alcohol it’s all sweet, sweet carbs. Even the brand has given up denying that fact. Whereas they used to give statements where the words no scientific evidence and sugary beverages cause obesity were part of the same sentence, they sing a different tune these days.

The soft drink giant just launched a 2 minute long ad titled “Coming Together” , expressing its determination to be part of the fight against obesity, saying that yes – Coke and other such drinks do have a significant amount of calories but no – they’re not the sole cause of the problem.

Steve Cahillane, president of Coca-Cola Americas, sated the following on CNBC, via yahoo:

“We don’t believe we caused the obesity epidemic, we know we haven’t… but we want to be part of the solution,” he said. “It’s not a simple issue and…we have to make people aware of what they’re putting in their bodies from a calorie standpoint.”

But why, all of a sudden this dire need to take part in letting people know that the very products the company produces are the ones you shouldn’t be consuming a lot of? Could be because NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg‘s proposed a ban on supersized soft drinks that would restrict the sale to 16-ounce servings was approved by the board of health last September? Could also be because there are about 3,000 products under different brands of the Coke company, 800 of which are calorie-free or low-calorie, so they’d basically be promoting one product at the expense of the other?

According to Katie Bayne, Coca-Cola’s former president,  from 1999 through 2010, when obesity was rising, sugar intake from beverages was decreasing. During that period, sugars from soda consumption fell 39% even as the percentage of obese kids jumped 13% and obese adults climbed 7%.

I wonder if they could have jumped/climbed higher if they drank less cola. Just putting it out there.