Building upon the idea of a rich brand heritage, Stella Artois recently teamed up with the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz for a new ad campaign called “Timeless Beauty” which was unveiled at this year’s Sundance Festival. The campaign, which stars Ukrainian model Tanya Ruban  and British actor Noah Huntley, celebrates Stella Artois as an iconic symbol and, according to Emma Fox, Stella’s Global Marketing Director, combines both beauty and the skills needed to deliver premium-quality beer: “Annie Leibovitz’s work marries artistic genius with painstaking craftsmanship to create timeless beauty.”

With Stella being the official sponsor of the Sundance Festival, the independent gathering extravaganza of filmmakers all around the world, it was chosen as the perfect setting to kick off the campaign along with a number of Stella-related events where Liebovitz’s work was the main point-of-interest of the three-day celebration. Rick Oleshak, the Director at Stella Artois wasn’t hiding his excitement about the collaboration: “We are excited to debut the campaign from Annie Leibovitz this year as well as some of the other new and exciting events taking place at our venues.”

As a special bonus, popular photo bloggers were asked by Stella to create their own version of timeless beauty with the results being displayed at the festival.

The brand has also set up as site at which features still from the shot, as well as behind the scenes films with interviews about the campaign.

Photos: Annie Leibovitz