With less than two weeks remaining before the Sunday’s Big Game, brands are pumping out a number of commercials and teasers. One of them is Taco Bell with its, simply put, awesome teaser which features the 87-year-old Bernie Goldblatt. On a high-speed mobile scooter. At night. In the middle of a field. On House of Pain’s “Jump Around” soundtrack. Absolutely nothing can go wrong, right?

The only problem is that the video is titled “Grandpa Goes Wild” (I see what you did there Taco Bell) so everything goes wrong:

I can hardly connect the dots with the actual Taco Bell on this one. It might as well be a teaser for anything, but apparently the brand is going out all digital, having already set up a Twitter profile for Mr Goldblatt in December.

What Taco Bell plans to unveil is yet to be seen, as the brand is really ready for anything – especially with the branded Speedos giveaway to a Facebook fan earlier this January. Be sure to stick around for more Superbowl updates and “Grandpa Gone Wild”.