One of the main characters of ads nowadays connecting brands to important dates or milestones. Child birth, first word, weddings, and certainly proms. The German car manufacturer, Audi, decided to go this way for their long anticipated commercial for the 2013 Super Bowl. In their new ad, published just days ago, Audi tries to tie together main characteristics of the brand (bravery, I assume) to the upcoming event, Super Bowl.

In comparison, 2013 Super Bowl and 2013 Audi S6 have something in common. Indeed, typical Super Bowl fan would not necessarily grab a pen and try to connect the two, but I think that’s where this is going. Therefore, let us begin, shall we? I get too excited when both S6 and Super Bowl are about to get introduced to the TV: they are sporty, manly, expensive, aggressive, and most importantly, the prize is huge. On one hand, we have Baltimore Ravens lead by experienced Joe Flacco and San Francisco 49ers with young quarterback Colin Kaepernick. On the other hand, Audi S6 is playing against Mercedes, BMW and probably Lexus. Ravens or 49ers will take the ring home, while stake for the ads is bigger because their game keeps going on year-long.

What is interesting is that Audi (as of right now) has 3 slightly different ads on the table, and voters on social media websites will decide which one is the most representative.

Finally, if we look back at Super Bowl games, usually the team that kicks off strong and stays there wins the game. Back to the beginning of our little discussion, bravery is crucial. That is where Audi took us with this little gem. Enjoy the Super Bowl. Enjoy Alicia Keys singing the national anthem and Beyonce’s half time show. But don’t forget to enjoy the ads. That’s where the money went.