An extremely well-written and valuable collection of articles focused on the prospects of 2013 has emerged from within Interbrand and I am quite thrilled, to say the least. Each article highlights one of sixteen different sectors (airlines, energy, emerging markets, financial services and luxury, to name a few) and delves into the advantages and disadvantages of each. Furthermore, distinct authors bestow us with their knowledgeable opinions on how each sector can best succeed this year—what it must focus on, where to begin and what goals to strive for.

Image: Interbrand

Introducing the selection of opinions is a letter from Jez Frampton, Global CEO of Interbrand. Other than emphasizing the limitless possibilities we have to triumph modern obstacles, Frampton also shares his opinion on the types of brands that will succeed this year. According to him, those will be the ones that:

..take seriously the significant role they play in people’s lives and work to remain relevant and authentic in our rapidly changing world.”

Indeed, there are a few general trends weaved throughout the articles, regardless of their subjective sectors.  The first that pops is ingenuity, a topic mentioned in relation to consumers’ heightened shrewdness and a brand’s challenge of overcoming that.  From airlines to beverages and technology, the call for differentiation can be heard across sector borders.  Another theme worth acknowledging is trust.  Trust translates into loyalty, this is nothing new; however, in a world of energy transparency, devious financial services, and oscillating media distribution, trustworthy interaction is (and will continue to be) key.

Click on each sector’s picture to discover more of what the experts have to say and how this will affect you—whether you are a consumer or professional—in the near future.