Last week’s Taco Bell teaser finally got an epilogue just days before the big game on Sunday where the 87-year-old Bernie Goldblatt goes into teenage crime mode with a help of a few friends. The unforgettable adventure called “Viva Young” consists of reckless driving, a visit to a nightclub, getting a tattoo and of course, a stop to Taco Bell to round off the craziest night ever.

Created by Deutsch LA, the aim of this video is to break the common misconceptions of portraying millennials in order to appeal to them and is made to entertain and engage, according to Mike Sheldon, CEO of Deutsch LA: “We’ve all had an epic night out on the town followed by a trip to Taco Bell. ‘Viva Young’ is a surprising and fresh way to remind people of that.”

Under the slogan LIVE MÁS, which is the brand’s latest motto since February last year, Taco Bell also wants to give something back to their consumers by rewarding them with a free churo just a day after the big game. Another 30-second spot is also set to be aired on Sunday which will display the brand’s Mexican heritage through the new Cantina Bell Steak Burrito.

So, there you go, everything that is considered normal by today’s standards seems to be funnier when older people are stars of the action. We just love watching and laughing at very improbable situations that at some point we thought of, but never actually dreamed that someone would recreate them.