Becoming an athletic brand—rather, a successful athletic brand—requires the ability to motivate. People are lazy, eat more than they burn, and tend to give up easily. Another thing people do: They make ephemeral New Year resolutions. This is where Nike comes in.

Nike+ released an interactive video as part of their #makeitcount campaign and it is filled with the goals of worldwide athletes of all ranks. To feature athletes in their marketing is nothing new for Nike, but what is new is their approach. The interactivity of the video stems from the “hotspot” technology that was utilized. The audience can simultaneously watch the video and click on tags, share their ambitions on Twitter or Facebook, or purchase the soundtrack.

I believe that Nike really hit the target with this one. Not only does the user experience and social aspect of the video tie in wonderfully with the hashtagged campaign, but the video has emerged at the perfect time. With a fresh set of resolutions (and a dwindling intention to follow them), viewers will be compelled by the video to be different this year. Watching the accomplishments, drives and strengths of their athletic peers might be exactly what consumers need to see in order to get back on track.

And best of all? The entire campaign is based on community. People dislike going to the gym by themselves, many sports are played in groups or competitively, and fitness has become a class to teach.  Maybe the problem all along is that people have compiled their New Year resolutions solo, with no one to share them with or keep them in check. Now, the Nike+ video showcases the extensive success that athletes can have if they become one entire team, an association of people with similar mindsets, values and goals.

This is where the interactive tagging and sharing comes into play. The tags allow viewers to join other athletes that have pledged the same aspirations, while the sharing capabilities allow for the inclusion of friends and family.

Overall, the community of athletes will expand from this campaign. The passion exhibited by the video is meant to fuel consumers as they strive to attain their goals, ensuring that more people either become or remain athletic. And this is all occurring with Nike+ in mind. A widening of this community leads to the enlargement of Nike’s consumer base, thereby architecting a marketing campaign that both sustains numeric figures and promotes the brand’s mission.