As part of ABSOLUT BLANK, a bold and creative global movement launched back in 2011, a new limited edition ABSOLUT bottle was launched – this time designed by one of the BLANK movement’s key artists, Dave Kinsey.

Mixing fine art and street art, the new bottle is a floral and colorful masterpiece, with strong vibrancy and energy that explores the boundary between the emotional and the environmentalNodjame Fouad, Global Marketing Director at The Absolut Company commented that Kinsey is a true living legend in the world of street art and design, and a key figure in ABSOLUT BLANK from the beginning:

We love his contemporary approach to traditional subjects. His great sophistication and urban edge is just right for ABSOLUT, and perfect for ABSOLUT VODKA BLANK EDITION.

Photo: Absolut

Kinsey explains his inspiration and how he recently moved from Los Angeles to the Sierra Nevada mountains:

Nature hits you differently up here. I’m interested in the way the city imagination interacts with nature. There’s a struggle between the urban and natural worlds, and it’s unknown how it will play out. Exploring that interaction made sense in the context of ABSOLUT BLANK.

From 20 artist that were asked to fill a bottle-shaped canvas with creativity as part of ABSOLUT BLANK, Dave Kinsey was one of the featured artists and his artwork has been showcased in print, outdoor advertising and TV, while the bottle he designed will be available from March 2013.