According to Networked Insights, the Super Bowl ad most talked about through social media networks was the newest from GoDaddy, labeled “Perfect Match”, which features supermodel Bar Rafaeli and Hollywood extra, Jesse Heiman as a stereotypical tech nerd. If you’ve had any previous encounters with GoDaddy commercials, you could guess that whatever happens is bound to be PG-13 controversial (meaning there may be profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity).

Controversial enough to have viewers tweeting things like:

The two make-out in stark close up, and I can’t really say it’s a satisfying act to watch (why though? Would it have been more pleasant if he were a male supermodel? Would it have been more appealing if he was a European playboy sporting a wolf-cloak ? Who has the deeply-rooted prejudices now, huh, consumer audience?)

In any case, buzz talk was obviously what they wanted, and buzz talk was what they got. If one were judging along lines of any publicity is good publicity, one would have to say the commercial was a big success. GoDaddy stated that hosting sales jumped 45%, and Dot-com domain sales rose 40% after the airing of the commercial. “We’re not going to apologize for ‘The Kiss,’’ said CEO, Blake Irving,

It’s sparking conversations. It was approved by network Standards and Practices and it uses humor to illustrate the point about how powerful a combination ‘sexy’ and ‘smart’ are. Personally, I think it’s hilarious.”

It’s strange that they decided to completely depart from their initial idea, though, which somewhat more amusing and slightly less gag reflex inducing. Plus, I’m sure it hits the spot for a lot of would be-entrepreneurs out there. It’s funny because it’s true!