Old Spice is back to give you your monthly dose of irony, this time referencing the inherent manliness of the musky wild. Wolfthorn, Hawkridge and Foxcrest are names of the new products being advertised, and the pitch plays off on the absurdity of an irresistible scent of a true man, reeking of elegance, mystique and hawks.

Images: wk.com / walmart.com

The first of the spots features a handsome, unshaven tux bearer in a wolf cape, intimidating a woman in a way she can’t seem to place. All she knows is that it frightens and excites her. The wild beasts theatrically growl. The couple drives off into the night, right after barging through the living room wall. She never even had a chance. This ad was set to feature during the Super Bowl, but exclusively for an Alaskan audience since, being the wolf capital of the world, Alaskans were more likely to get the joke.

The rest of the nation will get to see the second ad, amusing thanks to its imposing use of hawks which, appearing out of nowhere, cloak the hero in an aura of masculinity.

This sort of self-mockery that old spice is famous for seems to be once more gaining positive reviews. Still, based on YouTube viewership, the videos have a long way to go before they come even close to being as popular as the fantastic ads of the ‘’man your man could smell like’’ campaign (around 44,000,000 compared to about 1,000,000 hits), nor is it getting as many thumbs up  as the campaign starring Terry Crews . We’ll see if it does better post-Super Bowl.

Check out the newest interactive ad old spice recently launched, another job well done by the folks at Wieden + Kennedy.