Oreo has decided to dazzle and amuse their growing fan base with an creative strategy involving cookie and cream sculptures based on fan posted pics. As part of their latest marketing campaign “Cookie vs. Creme”, the word’s favorite cookie manufacturer asks the crowd to choose their preferred element of the monochrome duo, and Instagram a random photo with the hashtag “#cookiethis / #cremethis”. Over a three day period, a number of selected uploads and will be recreated in the medium of Oreo by an artistic team with an obvious sense of humor. See the first of the masterpieces bellow.

Images: Oreo / Instagram

Wieden + Kennedy are credited for the initiative as well as creating the 30-second Super Bowl spot (a first for Oreo), featuring a mass disagreement over the cookie/cream issue that takes on library proportions. The rage filled rioters manage to keep up their good manners though, and the whole intense episode remains at a barley audible level of a whisper. A fun commercial that yet again raises awareness of the sheer amount of energy and ambition put into Super Bowl ads.

Fun fact: The whole thing was shot in an empty airport terminal in Ontario, California and the “library” depicted is a set built from the ground up.

Also, Oreo is the only brand to have promoted their Instagram account in a Super Bowl ad, a move that was successful in its attempt to rise social media engagement. A couple of seconds after the airing, the Oreo Instagram profile went from 2,200 followers to 15,000, and reached 35,000 by Sunday night. Check it out: