Samsung decided redirect their sarcastic witticisms off from competitors Blackberry and iPhone, and towards the medium of advertising itself.  Not only do they poke fun at the act and process of creating the absurdly expensive, talking baby-filled ads, they also make fun of the act of consuming them, which is precisely why it’s bottom line hilarious. Throw in the comedic duo, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, and you’re bound to get a smile, or at least a cynical half laugh/ half snort.

The newest Super Bowl Samsung ad understands that their target audience has a smart and contemporary sense of humor, and that the best way to get through to the crowd is to parody the very means by which the medium work. This makes it, in the words of a Forbes tweet, ‘’cool’.  It seduces you by mocking celebrity endorsement while using actual celebrities to do this. It talks about hashtaging  as a good promo move, while displaying the real hashtag to use. LeBron James appears on an tablet, saying that he would be totally up for doing a cameo on an tablet.  The self-referencing gets so intense that you almost forget they’re trying to sell you something. And the one-liners are honestly funny. What more could one ask of a commercial?